Dutch Diversity
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Dutch Diversity

Music by old and new Dutch masters

Dutch music has always played an important part in BRISK ’s concert programmes. The quartet has made numerous arrangements and transcriptions of early music from the Low Countries. Moreover, many composers have been inspired by the four musicians to write new music for them. Almost 50 new works were written for the quartet. Diversity is a keyword for the artistic qualities of BRISK .

Two contemporary Dutch composers have a share in this programme, too: Rob Zuidam and Bart Visman. Bart Visman wrote Song a few years ago. It is a short lyrical composition. Song will now be extended with a second movement. The various parts of the newly composed pieces are spread over the programme. These contemporary intermezzi wash one’s ears, in between dance music from the Renaissance by Phalèse and Dutch polyphony by Josquin, Ghiselin and Isaac.

In December 2011, GLOBE  released the CD Dutch Diversity for BRISK ’s 25th anniversary.

Audio samples

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