Brisk ICT
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Brisk ICT

Since 2011, Brisk ICT has been sponsoring this website. The Dutch performing arts are having a hard time due to budget cuts. The government is now encouraging artists to seek support from the business community. We are therefore very pleased with the generous support Brisk ICT has given to our website.

Besides helping small and large organizations with automation, Brisk ICT is also a company with an interest in social and cultural matters. Their sponsorship has made it possible to set up this new, clear and user-friendly website and to develop the digital newsletter. This helps to make BRISK more visible worldwide, enabling both fans and programmers to find us even more easily.

BRISK and Brisk ICT initially got to know each other because their email was often delivered incorrectly. To clear up this confusion, we now refer to each other’s websites and work. 2011 was a special year for both organizations. Brisk ICT was celebrating its fifth anniversary, and BRISK its twenty-fifth one. Through our new connection we gave our anniversaries an additional festive touch!

logo Brisk ICT

Bert Honig, BRISK