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Quartet programmes BRISK season 2023-2024  













Four musicians sharing their musical worlds as equals: that is an intimate and refined art which requires a huge commitment and deep mutual trust. That is why Four in One is the motto of this program, but it also refers to the canon, the most famous musical form of four-in-one. Canons are the common thread here. The finely woven web of voices in Flemish Burgundian polyphony and Bach’s fugues also originated in canonical writing. It’s all in this programme: a fugue by Dufay, canons by Obrecht, and imitating voices in motets by Palestrina and Clemens. All this is the prelude to a fugue by Bach from the Art of Fugue. Early music alternates with short contemporary pieces: a canon by Rob Zuidam, a catch by Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk, a caccia by Toek Numan, and a piece written especially for this programme by the young Dutch composer Celia Swart. Arrangements of a canon by Scriabin and a nocturne by Tchaikovsky conclude the programme.
Watch a recording of Dutch Radio 4 here:



The CD Four in One was released in November 2021 on the GLOBE label.

“Brisk gives the recorder many shapes and colours: from clear birdsong to a humming organ” NRC November 2021
“What is striking about these four top musicians is the ease with which they can play music from various style periods” Nederlands Dagblad December 2021
“Immensely beautifully played with lots of love for the instrument and with boundless respect for the music itself” Blokfluitist September 2022.


This very well received programme will be repeated this season owing to its great success.
It is a concert with arrangements of Bach’s concertos, fugues and Choralvorspiele and contemporary commentaries by Guus Janssen and Toek Numan.
The CD BRISK plays Bach was released in January 2016 on the GLOBE label.
”An astonishing breeze is blowing from the Netherlands, full of colours, sophistication and energy, beautiful transcriptions and beautiful new pieces” Classiquenews summer 2015 
“The perfect technical mastery and the great musical expressiveness of BRISK, place this ensemble at a great height” Tijdschrift Oude Muziek March 2016
“Beautifully balanced, warm and settled thanks to all the human breath through that wood” Luister February 2016
“Now warm, glowing and low, then bright and high, or cheerfully chirping. The recorder, an instrument that continues to surprise in the hands of BRISK” Dagblad van het Noorden December 2015


BRISK+ programmes season 2023-2024

A plea for miracles – a Christmas concert BRISK + Hans Thissen, actor


In this programme BRISK brings together music for Advent and Christmas from different centuries, surprising the audience with a plea for miracles. Much Christmas music is based on Gregorian hymns. In the 16th century, these became widespread as chorales in the Protestant churches. They became the basis of various compositions in this concert: versions by Praetorius, Hassler, Sweelinck, Bach and Brahms. In addition, there will also be new music by Max Knigge, Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk and Izak de Dreu. The common thread is a French Christmas song: Une jeune fillette. Actor Hans Thissen brings these musical worlds together by reading poetry about Advent and Christmas, and by making the audience think about the meaning of the miracle in short performed scenes. We are far removed from the magic of the miracle in our time. But it is precisely the experience of the miracle that forms the basis for centuries of breathtakingly beautiful Christmas music.


Always about love BRISK + Amaryllis Dieltiens, soprano


Together with soprano Amaryllis Dieltiens, BRISK made a programme with 16th and 17th century songs: English consort songs by Bennet and Nicholson, an Italian frottola by Tromboncino, French chansons by Clemens and De Sermisy and a German song by Hassler. Longing, happiness, sadness, jealousy and parting all pass by.

BRISK adapted a folk song by Britten, and Max Knigge wrote a song on a Jacques Perk sonnet. Hans Koolmees composed songs to texts by the medieval mystic Hadewijch and by the modern Flemish poet Eva Cox. Poetry from different times on a timeless theme. No matter how different, it is always about love.

A CD of this programme was also recently released by GLOBE.
“Love sung with a sensual recorder sound” Haarlems Dagblad January 2020
“A perfect symbiosis between poetry and music” Opus Klassiek February 2020
“Naughty, moving and downright beautiful songs, love in all its complex glory” Dagblad van het Noorden January 2020
“A harmonious collaboration with soprano Amaryllis Dieltiens, who not only has a name but also a voice to be jealous of” de Volkskrant February 2020.

Hoedje – a musical journey for everyone aged 5 and over

BRISK + Kiki Heessels, actress

Nederland, Amsterdam, 17-10-2021. Polanentheater, voorstelling Hoedje.

A light-hearted show full of humour, based on a text by Irene Kuiper and with music by Juan Felipe Waller, Walther Stuhlmacher, Maurice Ravel and Henry Mancini. The direction is by Hans Thissen.


Hoedje, a little red hat, is one day swept away by a storm. This is the start of an adventurous journey across the globe, in which the wind plays a major role and four recorder players blow blow with all their might. BRISK and Kiki Heessels take you on a journey that you will remember for a long time! Isn’t this little hat much too small for that big elephant? What are those baboons doing there? One bird laughs at Hoedje, the other sings a song for her. But will Hoedje ever come home?


Hoedje is played as a family matinee for everyone from 5 years old, and as a school performance for groups 3 to 5. Watch the trailer here: 


For bookings contact Annemiek Zwierenga


Tel. : + 31 30 294 1419