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Giving concerts for children is one of BRISK´s favorite activities. Beautiful music, humor and poetic moments are the ingredients for a children´s concert. Brisk is keen on reaching a young audience. The group made theatre productions with various directors and actors, such as a successful serious Bach recital with a slap stick act. Brisk also played BLIK, a production with contemporary music and film, for which five films were made, based on five new compositions. The musicians performed both on stage and on the screen at the same time.

BRISK´s latest children´s production, Meneer Zwoei, was performed 34 times already, for an audience of almost 3500 people. This tour included performances for schools. Many children who would normally never come to a concert hall had a chance to see and hear this production.

BRISK also makes educational material for schools to prepare a visit to their production.

Children´s concerts by BRISK are often combined with workshops.