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BRISK loves performing for children, in family concerts and in school concerts. Beautiful music, humour and poetic moments are permanent ingredients. BRISK has made a number of successful youth productions with various directors such as David Prins, Bart Kiene, Marc Krone, Jetse Batelaan and Gienke Deuten, and with writers such as Joke van Leeuwen and Mensje van Keulen. Various contemporary composers, including Caroline Ansink, Michiel Mensingh, Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk and Toek Numan, have written music for children’s productions by BRISK.



Hoedje – a musical journey on the wind for everyone from 5 years old

BRISK with actress Kiki Heessels

A light-hearted new show full of humour, based on a text by Irene Kuiper and with music by Juan Felipe Waller, Walther Stuhlmacher, Maurice Ravel and Henry Mancini. The direction is by Hans Thissen, who created high-profile youth music theatre productions.

A little red hat is swept away by a storm. This is the start of an adventurous journey across the globe, in which the wind plays a major role together with four blowing recorder players. BRISK and Kiki Heessels take you on a journey that you will remember for a long time! Isn’t Hoedje much too small for that big elephant? What are those baboons doing there? One bird laughs at Hoedje, the other sings her a song. But will Hoedje ever come home?






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Meneer Zwoei BRISK with Hans Thissen

SPEELGOED BRISK with Porgy Franssen and Bart Kiene