Clever variations and how Orpheus tamed the animals – Broken Consort
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Clever variations and how Orpheus tamed the animals – Broken Consort

BRISK Recorder Quartet Amsterdam + 2 viols: Rainer Zipperling and Susanne Braumann + animations

The viols blend with the recorders in this programme with English music from the 16th and 17th centuries. Dances and fantasias are to be heard before the interval, and BRISK demonstrates that 16th century English composers were fond of creating innovative variations on existing melodies. After the interval another English phenomenon is introduced: the masque, a form of entertainment at court, with dance, poetry, music and theatre in spectacular settings. The combination of music from The Lords’ Masque (1613) with animations gives this concert a theatrical dimension. We can both hear and see how Orpheus tames the animals with his music. To make these animations, BRISK has been working together with students of the Academy of the Arts Utrecht. This programme was premiered during the Holland Festival of Early Music Utrecht in 2007.

BRISK made a tour to Canada with this programme in the autumn of 2010.

This well-received concert programme can also be heard and seen on CD/DVD (GLO 5228).

Listen to:

William Brade: Allmand

William Brade: Galliard

William Byrd Fantasia à 6

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