The varying Sweelinck
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The varying Sweelinck

BRISK + Camerata Trajectina

Nico van de Meel – tenor, Hieke Meppelink – soprano, Marjan Banis, Alide Verheij and Bert Honig – recorders, Saskia Coolen – recorder and gamba, Erik Beijer – gamba and Louis Grijp – lute

As an upbeat for the Sweelinck year 2012 (Sweelinck’s 450th year of birth) BRISK and Camerata Trajectina make a programme round Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, the ‘Orpheus of Amsterdam’. The two ensembles are inspired by the songs that Sweelinck used for his variation works, such as De Engelsche Fortuyn, Mein junges Leben hat ein End’ and Onder een linde groen. Louis Peter Grijp has found the old Dutch texts for these songs, and BRISK plays the transcriptions of Sweelinck’s variation works for keyboard instruments.

Two Grand Old Men of the contemporary Dutch composers’ scene pay homage to Sweelinck, and wrote a short new work, especially for this programme. Tombeau de Sweelinck by Klaas de Vries is an instrumental lamento, inspired by Sweelinck’s music. Daan Manneke made Epitaaf Double for BRISK and Camerata, a new version of a former work with the text of Sweelinck’s epitaph by Joost van den Vondel.

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