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Early and contemporary music

BRISK occupies a special place among Dutch early music groups. The quartet is known for its lively performances of early music, and is always looking for unknown early repertoire. BRISK has also made many transcriptions and arrangements in the tradition of their instruments.
Apart from activities in the field of early music, BRISK has built up a large repertoire of contemporary music. These are all pieces that were especially written for them. The long list of composers who have written for BRISK includes Hans Koolmees, Martijn Padding, Ron Ford, Vanessa Lann, Theo Verbey, Calliope Tsoupaki, Roderik de Man, Daan Manneke, Klaas de Vries and Rob Zuidam.

BRISK plays quartet programmes with early and contemporary music. They regularly work together with other instrumentalists in their BRISK+ programmes. Among these are specialists both in early and in contemporary music. The quartet has built up a rich repertoire in combination with singers such as Michael Chance, Marcel Beekman, Johannette Zomer, Maarten Koningsberger, Greetje Bijma, the Egidus quartet and the Gesualdo Consort, and with instrumentalists such as Bernard Winsemius, Leo van Doeselaar, Mike Fentross, Tomoko Mukaiyama, Guus Janssen and Ramon Lormans.