About Brisk ICT
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Brisk ICT is a specialist in workplace ICT. We create functionality and we design workplaces. For this we develop and implement the necessary infrastructure behind workplaces. We also provide support for users and manage the infrastructure. Brisk ICT is characterized by a flat organization of self-managing client teams, a central helpdesk and an ICT operations office.

  • Brisk ICT’s customers are organizations that seek a relevant ICT partner for their entire automation, or a part of it. Working for SMEs is our strong point: Brisk ICT has an always up-to-date IT knowledge and sufficient capacity.

    Microsoft and Apple (server) environments are our focus. Our activities include the supply and installation of hardware and software, complete system management and a service provider’s own Internet offer, and the online workplace solution “IKantoor”.

    Harry Bos, Brisk ICT