About brisk
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BRISK is a term found in English consort music. It is an indication of tempo and atmosphere, occurring frequently in music by Purcell, Locke and their contemporaries. The word means lively, awake and quick. And this is exactly what BRISK recorder quartet Amsterdam is: an energetic, inventive and innovative ensemble.

  • All possibilities of the recorder quartet are constantly explored and enlarged. BRISK’s programme offer shows remarkable diversity. Early and contemporary music are always alternated. The quartet makes arrangements of unknown early repertoire, and plays a lot of new music, too, which was composed especially for them. Unexpected musical combinations and a touch of humour create new experiences in listening. The press have praised the pleasure of playing and the virtuosity of the ensemble.

    BRISK owns an enormous collection of recorders. These instruments are built by recorder makers from all over the world. This makes a BRISK concert spectacular for both eyes and ears.

    The group presents special projects with a variety of guests, including well known names from the early music scene and specialists in the field of contemporary music. These programmes are a unique addition to the Dutch offer of chamber music.

    BRISK frequently works together with artists from other disciplines such as actors, directors, film makers, writers and designers.

    BRISK loves to play for children, too. They have reached a large young audience with several successful theatre productions for children.

    The ensemble can be heard on over ten CDs, which have all received very good reviews.

    Contact with the audience is important for BRISK. They create a relaxed presentation for their concerts, and are willing to do pre-concert meetings with the audience. The group also gives workshops, stimulating the contact between professionals and amateurs.