Meneer Zwoei, Music theatre for children 6+
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Meneer Zwoei, Music theatre for children 6+

BRISK: Marjan Banis, Saskia Coolen, Bert Honig and Alide Verheij, recorders
Hans Thissen, actor
Michiel Mensingh, Saskia Coolen and Antonio Vivaldi, compositions
Marc Krone, direction
Freija Wouters, design and costumes

BRISK gave the premiere of Meneer Zwoei in October 2009. As a result of this opening performance, there has been a tour from January 2011 onwards, in series with family concerts. This tour also included school concerts thanks to the sponsorship of the Turing Foundation.

It is very well possible to perform this programme in German or in English.

The title Meneer Zwoei is a word-play. Zwoei means “he waved” in Dutch children’s language.Mister Zwoei lives in an atelier full of recorders. The postman brings four dolls to play on these instruments, and they come alive through the music. But the problem is: they don’t play what Mister Zwoei wants, and he is unable to change this…

But maybe the audience can help him. The musicians play on 25 different recorders. Everyday events turn into musical experiences with strange and hilarious moments. The players try to snatch away each other’s instruments and their performance is a mixture of various musical styles: a serious fugue, but funk and rap, too, with a heavy beat from a ghetto blaster. This show full of humour, sadness and slapstick is about conducting and obeying. It makes you see that you don’t always get what you want, but that you can yet do something very beautiful together

This production was made with the financial support of both the Dutch Fonds Podiumkunsten
and the Turing Foundation

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