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BRISK + Greetje Bijma – vocals

Greetje Bijma has been active as an improvising singer ever since the beginning of the eighties. With her souple voice and theatrical qualities, she is well known as an intriguing artist. Her popularity reaches beyond the jazz circuit. She works together with BRISK in a new programme. Her way of singing invites BRISK to discover new sounds on their instruments, and she gets inspired by a chorale or by world music.

This results in ‘sound tapestries’, canons of motifs and scenes in which Greetje adresses herself towards the audience.

This concert is different from the standard chambermusic recital in every respect. The musicians will use the concert space in a surprising new way. There is a visual aspect, too, which creates a combination of looking and listening.

This programme will be played from January 2012. The CD Dutch Diversity for BRISK ’s 25th anniversary, which has been released in December 2011 contains three improvisations with Greetje Bijma.

 Audio samples

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