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2010 Hans Koolmees -Trapped (with Ramon Lormans, percussion)

2009 Michiel Mensingh – Kodak Minuutje (for MENEER ZWOEI)

2009 Michiel Mensingh – EgoOorlog (for MENEER ZWOEI)

2009 Renske Vrolijk – Ghostwall (with tape; tribute to the tape: Johannette Zomer)

2009 Michiel Mensingh – Pulse Fiction (with Tomoko Mukaiyama)

2008 Michiel Mensingh – 4 tegen 3 (voor MENEER ZWOEI)

2007 Saskia Coolen – Teamwork

2007 Saskia Coolen  – Estampie

2006 Huba de Graaff – The BRISK Frog Project (with tape)

2006 Roderik de Man – Gotta Minute?

2006 Michiel Mensingh – Happy ‘Bird’s’ Day

2006 Calliope Tsoupaki – Estampida

2006 Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk – Catch (an angel)

2006 Guus Janssen – Rahoe!

2006 Bart Visman – Song

2005 Timucin Sahin – Chasing Dream (with film Oerd van Cuijlenborg)

2005 Roy Kuschel – Later (with film Dick Tuinder)

2005 Arnold Veeman – The shadow of the past is the shape of the future (with film Anne de Clerq)

2005 Roderik de Man – Blikvanger (8 recorders with film Marcel Prins) BRISK with BRISK

2005 Michiel Mensingh – Oh, I’m sorry, did I BREAK your concentration? (with Tomoko Mukaiyama)

2005 Guus Janssen – Pogo (with piano)

2004 Henny Vrienten – Speel Goed! (with kazoo and musical saw) with Porgy Franssen and Bart Kiene

2004 Bart Visman – Auditio Secunda (with 2 violins, viola da gamba and theorbo) with The Locke Consort

2004 Chiel Meijering – Moirée (12 recorders) with the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet and the Malle Symen Quartet

2004 Sören Sieg – Celebration (12 recorders) with the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet and the Malle Symen Quartet

2003 Guus Janssen – An elegy on the death of a mad dog (with lute, viola da gamba and countertenor) with Michael Chance, Jacob Heringman and Naomi Hirschfeld

2002 Andrew Keeling – Modern Love (with lute and countertenor) with Michael Chance and Jacob Heringman

2002 Fulvio Caldini – De profundis clamavi (Dutch première by BRISK)

2002 Luigi Irlandini – Anchor che col partire (6 recorders) with Kees Boeke and Antonio Politano

2002 Kees Boeke – Susanna’s dream (6 recorders and electronics) with Kees Boeke and Antonio Politano

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