18 March 2010

April 2010, Premiere ‘Hit the nail on the head’

24 April 2010, Premiere Hit the nail on the head, BRISK and Ramon Lormans, percussion

Early Music in a new context is one of the main themes in the BRISK programmes. Of course the quartet is strong enough to hit the nail on the head, but the cooperation with the percussionist Ramon Lormans makes them even more unbeatable. Hans Koolmees wrote a new work for recorder quartet and percussion for which he was inspired by early repertoire. In this programme, other new music by Michiel Mensingh and Ron Ford is combined with medieval Estampitas and Batallas, and with dance music from the Renaissance in arrangements by BRISK and Ramon Lormans. There is much to be heard and to be seen: Ramon Lormans plays the marimba and various other types of percussion, and BRISK plays on cylindrical recorders made after examples from the late Middle Ages, Renaissance recorders and modern instruments.

The premiere of this programme took place on 24 April 2010 for Musica Antiqua Nova in Groningen.

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