10 January 2010

January 2010, release of CD The Spirit of Venice

“ BRISK plays with admirable precision and flair, organic as one breathing body.”Thea Derks

“A little gem, also recommended for recorder haters.”Luister

“The original works are interesting, but the quartet’s arrangements are even more imaginative.” Klassieke Zaken

All music on this CD has a connection with Venice. Music from different centuries has been put together like precious stones in a mosaic. Anyone who has ever done a gondola trip in Venice, knows that the houses and palazzi stand picturesquely with their feet in the water. Gothic and Renaissance palaces stand fraternally next to each other, and more recent times have also left their mark. Weather and water have stained and eroded the walls through the centuries; what sort of sound would these walls make?

Vocal hits by Flemish composers such as Clemens, Willaert and Janequin were eagerly used in 16th century Venice as basic material for new compositions. The original melodies were enriched with virtuosic embellishments. Beautiful examples of this ars diminuendi are to be heard on this CD, and the BRISK members also add their own diminutions after historical examples. These variation works are combined with dance music by Mainerio and Bendusi, and arrangements of music for strings by Vivaldi. The heart of this CD has been reserved for Ghost Wall, a new work by Renske Vrolijk.

With thanks to Huib Ebbinge for the photo from his project Voices of Stone.

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